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January 29 2018

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spending my evening working on a yoga plan and business plan 💕💕 whilst also eating an unhealthy amount of frosties 🙄
#day29 #day29of365 #babysteps #apostaday (at Cardiff)

January 28 2018

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Like the greatest good he’ll ever get.



January 26 2018

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when you get the pretty watch you bought resized 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ i had to get 3 links removed and i now feel like a child 🤦🏻‍♀️
#apostaday #day26 #day26of365 (at Cardiff)

January 25 2018

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When you’re going to see @sashavelour so you let @illamasqua @jeffreestarcosmetics and @katvondbeauty slay your face 💁🏻‍♀️
#mermaidblood #apostaday #day25 #day25of365 (at Cardiff)

January 24 2018

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Excited to announce that from Feb @nudarabeauty will be offering Microblading 💕 a perfect and non permanent solution to any gaps in your brows, or even to enchance what you have to save you filling them in everyday 💕 keep an eye on the insta page and we will be posting all updates and offers!
#apostaday #day24 #day24of365 #microblading #microbladingeyebrows (at Cardiff)

January 23 2018

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had some exciting news for @nudarabeauty today will hopefully be able to tell you it all soon 💕💕
#apostaday #day23 #day23of365 (at Cardiff)

🌸Soft Asks🌸


🌸Blankets: Have you been in love?

🌸Stuffies: How did you meet your best friend?

🌸Fluffy Pillows: What happened in your most recent dream?

🌸Scented Candles: How do you relax?

🌸Gem Stones: What’s your birthstone/favourite stone?

🌸Pyjamas: Describe your favourite pyjamas!

🌸Fuzzy Socks: What’s your favourite movie?

🌸Kittens & Puppies: Name of your pet or your ideal pet?

🌸Laughter: What’s the funniest joke you’ve heard?

🌸Mittens: Do you like the snow?

🌸Hot Coco: What’s your favourite Starbucks drink?

🌸Soft Kisses: Describe your OTP

🌸Rainy Days: What do you do on a rainy day?

🌸Flower Petals: What’s your favourite flower?

🌸Cotton Candy: What’s your favourite candy?

🌸Bubble Baths: Your favourite memory?

🌸Wooly Scarfs: What song do you think relates the most to you?

🌸Roasted Marshmallows: Your camping with friends! Describe the forest you’re pitching your tent in.

🌸Bird Songs: Name 5 things you love

🌸Old Books: Do you read? If so, what’s your favourite book series?

🌸Warm Hugs: Who would you love a hug from right now?

🌸Clouds: What’s the best shaped cloud you’ve seen?

🌸Fae: Describe yourself as a fairy

🌸Holding Hands: What was the name of your first love?

🌸Cupcakes: Favourite cupcake flavour?

🌸Tealights: Describe a romantic date perfect for you

🌸Gardens: What’s the sweetest gift you’ve received?

January 22 2018

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comfy cosy night watching the new Star Trek ep whilst planning my next nail set 💅🏻💅🏻
#apostaday #day22 #day22of365 (at Cardiff)

January 21 2018

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spending my night looking at @milk1422 ‘s amazing face charts and seeing if i can recreate the beauty 😍😍
#apostaday #day21 #21of365 (at Cardiff)

January 19 2018

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this is my life now, if anyone needs me i’ll be rewatching fresh prince and friends ✌🏻
#apostaday #day19 #day19of365 #freshprinceofbelair #netflix #friends (at Cardiff)

January 18 2018

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date night 💕💕 slightly outta focus but hey ho 🙄😂
products listed below 👇🏻👇🏻
face; @illamasqua hydra veil, skin base in sb 01 & 3.5, loose powder in lp010.
@w7makeupuk the cheeky trio dream machine & 5th avenue
@jeffreestarcosmetics platinum ice palette using canary yellow & ice cold
eyes; @illamasqua precision brow gel in strike
eyeshadows; @illamasqua succumb & vapour
@sleekmakeup ultra mattes v1
mascara; @soapandglory thick and fast, unsure of the falsies as i lost the box 😰
lipstick; @absnyproducts velvet lippie in rumba
#apostaday #day18
#day18of365 #makeup #beauty (at Cardiff)

January 17 2018

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when @soapandglory is slaying your lips 😍😍 gloss stick in pink punch
brands are tagged in the pic ✌🏻
#beauty #soapandglory #glossstick #toofaced #katvond (at Cardiff)

January 16 2018

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When ya leaflets arrive 🙌🏻🙌🏻 gonna put these literally everywhere 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️
#apostaday #day16 #day16of365 (at Wales)

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In October David Harbour agreed to be in a fans senior photos and it’s finally happening. I will add the rest of the photos as soon as they’re posted.



Everything is shit and the world might be on the verge of nuclear war.

Bruno Mars: *releases another 80s/90s sounding bop* 




It occurs to me that there are people who weren’t on this website in 2012 and therefore never saw the magical gif that you can actually hear:

It’s been over five years and that still impresses the hell out of me.

October 28 2017



sometimes i’ll see ppl in their early 20’s completely fucking covered in tattoos and im like damn what if one day youre 33 and u want a new tattoo but u cant get one cuz u done run out of skin

I thought this was going to be really negative but Im glad with its turnout




Do you guys think we could ever live in a world without any crime? In high school, I had this discussion with my sociology teacher, and one theory was no, we can’t. Even if we had a world without murder, rape, and all that, the definition of crime itself would change in the hypothetical community. So perhaps something like dropping plates will have as much penalty as murder. And by this theory, a Utopian community can never exist. 

this got 100k? jesus

this is so woke no wonder

October 27 2017

what depression is really like:


  • not showering regularly
  • not bushing your teeth regularly
  • living in filth
  • caring about your grades but not enough to do anything about them
  • thinking about suicide more than graduating
  • considering suicide whenever any problem arises
  • tired
  • no motivation
  • no energy
  • walking is so hard
  • sometimes even talking is too much work because you’re so god damn tired
  • laying in bed for hours because you’re too tired to move
  • feeling nothing but sometimes everything
  • knowing you’re not alone but still feeling alone
  • that constant mindset of, “Who cares? I wont be around much longer anyways.”

October 26 2017

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Unicorn hot chocolate 🌈 [1080 x 1920]

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